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Hey, we ain't just BARTER AND TRADE. You can BUY AND SELL too! Even barter and trade your services for an item or your item for someone else's services. Just tell me what you GOT and what you WANT. Then...Baddabing Baddaboom...you'll see all your other Goombartas who wanna make that deal. And if there aren't any who do at that exact moment, I'll personally let you know by email as soon as one does. You may even become a TOP GOOMBARTA or TOP HITMAN and get your picture posted on the Wall of Fame. Or maybe you just wanna spend some time at the SOCIAL CLUB chatting with your other Goombarta's , or get some "barter and trade" or "buy and sell" inside info from The Snitch. Whatever you do, don't wind up in the Witness Protection Program! And unlike other similar sites, we don't charge you anything at all. No commissions! No handling costs! No transaction fees! No membership fees! Zero! Zip! Nada! So click on the flashing star above and BECOME A GOOMBARTA NOW! IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!.


THE SNITCH reveals - Americans Are Broke!
Most Americans are one paycheck away from living in the street. Over 60% of us have no emergency savings to weather a sudden rainy day event. TV's famous financial guru, Suze Orman, advises us to have an emergency fund large enough to see us through ...[Read More]

THE SNITCH translates – New Yawk-isms
All the Goombartas from “New Yawk” know most of the wacky terms we use here on GOOMBARTERBOOM! which may leave the rest of us scratchin’ our heads. In case you come across them or you’re gonna be dealin’ with one of those New Yawk Goombarta...[Read More]

THE SNITCH ponders – 'No Inflation?... Sure...unless you eat!'
In case you haven’t noticed, prices are goin’ way up. Just take a look at the incredible shrinking food. From cupcakes to pean...[Read More]

THE SNITCH asks - 'How Big Is Big?...Fricken HUGE!!'
GOOMBARTERBOOM.com is gonna be more and more important to us with time because bartering or selling used things and services is gonna get bigger and bigger. Why? The USA owes more money to more people than any other nation in the history of the...[Read More]

Whether you're bartering, buying or selling on GOOMBARTERBOOM!, you gotta be smart. So here are a few tips I wanna give you: 1. If your GOT is an ITEM, you should always try to post a picture of it because then it will automatically become ...[Read More]