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Hey, we ain't just BARTER AND TRADE. You can BUY AND SELL too! Even barter and trade your services for an item or your item for someone else's services. Just tell me what you GOT and what you WANT. Then...Baddabing Baddaboom...you'll see all your other Goombartas who wanna make that deal. And if there aren't any who do at that exact moment, I'll personally let you know by email as soon as one does. You may even become a TOP GOOMBARTA or TOP HITMAN and get your picture posted on the Wall of Fame. Or maybe you just wanna spend some time at the SOCIAL CLUB chatting with your other Goombarta's , or get some "barter and trade" or "buy and sell" inside info from The Snitch. Whatever you do, don't wind up in the Witness Protection Program! And unlike all those other sites, we don't take any money from what you barter and trade or buy and sell. No commissions! No handling costs! No transaction fees! All you pay is $2.99 whether you barter and trade or buy and sell 1 thing or 1000 things in a month. So, BECOME A GOOMBARTER NOW!. Or you can check out some of the unbelievable deals our Goombartas are offering before you join when you Browse Featured Items.


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